Don’t take my kids, Annalese!

An already chaotic day at Holby quickly gets worse for Michael Spence when ex-wife Annalese turns up at the hospital with some shock news. Annalese says they need to talk, but Michael’s been too busy dealing with patients to take her calls.

Michael meets Annalese in the coffee shop where she drops the bombshell that she’s been offered a job in Florida – and she’s taking their four children with her. Michael refuses to live in a different country to his kids and forbids her to go.

When Annalese admits she’s split from his fellow surgeon and love rival Ric Griffin, Michael’s convinced he’s to blame for her decision. Annalese tells Michael the job is for six months – and she plans to leave next week!

Ric warns him not to go to war with Annalese on this; if he wants to have a relationship with his kids, he needs to be the bigger man and let his family go to America. Will Michael take Ric’s advice?

Meanwhile, juggling his new role as Clinical Skills Lead with caring for his patients, Malick realises that teaching is about more than just impressing students and that, sometimes, even doctors have limits.

Also, when Greg becomes emotionally involved with a young patient’s situation, will he be able to maintain his professionalism as a doctor?