Don’t Tell the Bride

In this latest instalment, groom-to-be Billy plans his piggy-themed nuptials to fiancée Steph

What comes to mind when you think of the perfect wedding day? Pigs? Mud? No? Well, for groom-to-be Billy that is exactly what his bumbling brain conjures up when he plans his piggy-themed nuptials to fiancée Steph.

She is dreaming of a classic country house with all the traditional trimmings, not sharing her dream day with a load of muddy porkers!

But Billy wants to put his village of Mansfield Woodhouse on the map with a world record attempt for the biggest pig parade…

Just like last week, we watched most of this episode from behind our fingers, as Billy seems to forget everything Steph has ever said about what she wants on her big day.

What a swine!