Dot has arranged for the funeral parlour to bring Nick’s coffin to her house. When she realises the lid has been screwed shut she demands that the funeral director Les unscrews it, as she wants to see Nick. Les and Charlie hide their panic but eventually agree. Charlie insists Dot doesn’t open the coffin unless someone is with her. Overcome with emotion, Dot is about to open the coffin when she’s interrupted by her friends arriving.

When Dot pops upstairs, Ian’s hatred of Nick spills out, prompting Charlie to ask him to leave. Ian knocks the coffin on the floor, leaving Dot and Charlie shaken. When Ian later makes a heartfelt apology to Charlie, he agrees to write a eulogy for the funeral. Meanwhile, a worried Les takes Charlie aside, worrying about his reputation, but Charlie reminds him of the money he’s paid him. It’s clear Charlie is not all he seems…

Shabnam tells Jane she’s not welcome. When Masood finds Jane looking for a place to stay, he’s unhappy that Shabnam has forced Jane out. Determined to make Jane stay, Masood kisses Jane, but she tells him that she wants to stay friends.