Dot changes her mind and gives evidence!

Charlie prepares to give evidence at Dot’s trial. It’s a relief to learn the missing witness for the prosecution still hasn’t turned up. As Charlie gives his evidence, Dot gets upset, interrupting proceedings. After the Judge reminds her she’s chosen not to say anything, Dot changes her mind, taking to the witness box. Giving her side of the story, Dot feels relieved, until the prosecution turn her own evidence against her.

Mick has a talk with Lee when he realises that Lee is uncomfortable about seeing Linda and the baby. Revealing he’s fearful the baby could be Dean’s, Lee feels reassured when Mick insists the baby is a Carter. But does he really believe his own words? Lee joins Whitney and Nancy in visiting the new baby. Meanwhile, Shirley takes Buster and Dean to the hospital. Mick warns Dean to leave, prompting Shirley to insist they do a DNA test.

Kat breaks the news to Stacey that she and Alfie are moving to Spain. After hearing the news, Stacey heads out for a job interview. Returning to the Square, Stacey throws a coffee at the window of Blades – Dean has given her a terrible job reference that cost her the job. Alfie offers to pay for a pitch for a year so that Stacey can have the market stall.