The funeral is in chaos after the arrival of the police and Dot collapses. Jim and Sonia rush to Dot’s side and help her home, but there’s a surprise visitor waiting on the doorstep. Both Sonia and Joe are questioned about their movements on the day of Pauline’s death, while the Square gossips about what could have caused the police to suspect that Pauline’s death may be murder.

Carly confronts Kevin about his lies and insists he confirm to her and Deano that Shirley is their mother. A devastated Kevin admits that it’s true, but protests that he was only trying to protect them.

Shirley tries to explain to Carly and Deano why she walked out on them when they were young, but Carly doesn’t want to listen.

Shirley leaves but later calls Kevin and warns him that unless he smoothes things over with the kids, she’ll tell them something that Kevin doesn’t want them to know…

Also, Tanya asks Stacey to join her and Max for a drink in the Vic and Stacey gets plastered yet again. Stacey stumbles out of the pub and a worried Tanya asks Max to follow her and make sure she gets home safely. Max reluctantly agrees to go.