Dot comes home

Charlie is on hand to welcome Dot back to the Square. Rattled by all the fuss as the family gather round, Dot sneaks out to the launderette for some peace. When Ian finds her in the launderette, they have a heart to heart over everything that’s happened. Given food for thought when Dot reveals she wishes she’d turned Nick into the police for his own good, Ian questions if he’s doing the right thing for Bobby.

Ian is frustrated when Jane insists she can’t watch an innocent man go to prison, suggesting they call Marcus to see if there’s a way to help Max. After initially refusing, Ian has a change of heart after talking to Dot, agreeing to meet Marcus and give Max an alibi. But when Bobby is sent home from school after getting in a fight, Ian makes a decision, taking Bobby in the middle of the night and leaving the Square.

Ronnie tries to talk to Roxy, but Dean intervenes, getting angry. Seeing the altercation, Vincent steps in, sending Dean on his way. When Charlie realises Vincent has walked Ronnie home, he is irritated. Meanwhile, Whitney covers for Lee after he goes AWOL. Finding Whitney, Lee confesses that he’s been asked to testify in the murder trial and he’s lost his job following the fight with Harry.