Dot dreads Nick’s funeral

Dot is dreading the week ahead as Nick’s funeral looms. Charlie tries to console Dot by inviting the vicar over, but his plan backfires when Dot is faced with the vicar’s nephew Tim instead. Giving Tim a chance, Dot opens up about Nick and the past. An emotional Dot has one last request for a surprised Charlie when she says that she wants Nick’s body brought home to her before the funeral.

Janine and Alice have been found not guilty after Janine’s confession on the stand. While Kat still has a possible prison sentence for perjury hanging over her, Stacey is finally in the clear when Janine follows through with her promise to drop the charges against her.

Back on the Square, Stacey comes face-to-face with her old neighbours. After a run in with Roxy, who is furious to see her, Stacey tries to make things right between Bianca and Kat. Seeking out Max, Stacey makes it clear that she wants to keep things as friends between them. After a heart-to-heart with Dot, and still haunted by Bradley’s tragic sacrifice, Stacey makes a decision about whether to stay in the Square.