Jim is stumped when the social worker turns up for the baby, but Dot and the baby are nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Dot and the baby are sitting on a tube train… Dot turns up at old friend Doctor Legg’s house for some much-needed advice and comfort. Dot returns to Walford and she and Jim say a tearful farewell to the baby as the social worker takes him away.

It’s the morning after the night before and Stacey feels mortified about sleeping with Deano. An oblivious Deano thinks all his Christmases have come at once and suggests to Stacey that they start dating! Deano can’t resist boasting to Bradley about his night with Stacey, and Bradley is horrified.

Sean finally lets Carly out of the car lot office but he’s in a foul mood having found out that Stacey went off with Deano. Carly interrupts his rant and reminds him that he’s not Stacey’s dad and he needs to let his sister make her own decisions.

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