Dot goes to court!

It’s the day of Dot’s trial and the Brannings head to court to support her. The day starts off badly when Keeble and then a reluctant Stacey give evidence against Dot. There’s relief, however, when it’s revealed that the prosecution’s main witness, the drug dealer, has failed to turn up.

Kim is delighted about being back together with Vincent. She’s dealt a blow later on when Vincent pays her a visit to say he doesn’t want to be with her after all. Visiting Ronnie in hospital, Vincent is thanked by Ronnie for getting rid of the drug dealer who was due to testify against Dot. When Vincent teasingly tells Ronnie she owes him, she reminds him she’s a married woman.

Bex is upset when her hopes of her parents reuniting are dashed. When Bex then overhears Sonia telling Carol she’d like Tina to move in, she’s furious. Taking matters into her own hands, Bex heads to Patrick’s before Sonia can get there, revealing to a heartbroken Tina that Sonia spent the night with Martin.

Also, Kat and Alfie let slip that they’ve won a fortune and the residents celebrate with them. Alfie tells Mick he’d like to buy the Vic.