Dot has a fall!

Dot is at home trying to get ready for work and stumbles and falls down the stairs. Kat discovers the launderette is shut and heads to Dot’s to see where she is. An unconscious Dot comes round and weakly calls out when Kat bangs on the door. Carol gets the spare house keys. Yusef tends to Dot, who has broken her arm and needs to go to hospital.

Ronnie is missing. Jack defiantly says Ronnie is just attention seeking, but he’s clearly worried. Roxy asks Phil to help them search for Ronnie. In the Vic, Roxy bursts into tears after asking the punters if anyone has seen her. Michael feels guilty about his confrontation with Ronnie the previous night. Roxy is relieved when Aunt Sal calls to say that Ronnie turned up at hers. A furious Jack thinks Ronnie has gone too far this time and decides his marriage is over.

Fatboy’s shocked to see his dad Ashley and takes him to the Vic. Ashley’s not impressed that his son’s working on a stall, while Fatboy is suspicious of his dad’s dishevelled appearance. Ashley confesses he’s drunk away all his money and he needs Fatboy’s help.

Also, Heather joins an internet dating site.