The police are still buzzing around the Square in the wake of Pauline’s disturbed funeral. Jim pulls Sonia and aside and checks to see if Martin is unaware that it’s Dot who called the police. Jim tries to put off the police when they insist that they speak to Dot, but Dot has recovered herself but Dot has recovered herself and tells them what she has learned. Joe visits Martin and Sonia and Martin attacks Joe, accusing him of murdering his mum. Sonia screams at Martin to stop and says that it wasn’t Joe, it was her…

Kevin is still feeling twitchy after Shirley’s departure, but Denise assures him that Shirley has left the Square. Shirley, however, has made her way into the Vic and she demands that Garry buy her a drink!

Denise discovers Shirley and asks her to leave Kevin and the kids alone, but Shirley refuses. Shirley gives Denise her name and address to give to Deano and Carly and insists she just wants to put things right. Denise has food for thought.

Stacey dolls herself up as she prepares to meet up with Max, who is still feeling guilty for cheating on Tanya. But an ashamed Max leaves Stacey waiting when he’s confronted by Lauren, Abi and Tanya, who surprise him with some family fun.