Dot is suspicious of Nick

Dot is suspicious of Nick and doesn’t want to let him in. Nick claims he’s changed and she tells him he can stay for a mince pie and a drink. Dot suspects Nick’s up to his old tricks when she finds the Gazette article about her coming into money in Nick’s belongings and she tells him to leave. Nick tells her he’s got a girl he wants to introduce her to and brings in a seven-year-old called Dotty and tells Dot to say hello to her granddaughter…

Phil discovers that the money has gone from the Vic safe and suspects that Suzy has taken it. Shirley offers to help Phil as he searches for Suzy. Meanwhile, Suzy is still in Walford and she sneaks into the Vic to get the expensive bracelet that Phil gave her. Shirley finds Suzy and knocks her flying then takes the 10,000 in cash that Suzy has on her and burns it!

Ronnie is devastated that both Roxy and Jack have betrayed her. Later, Sean calls Roxy and tells her to meet him in the park. Roxy and Archie both turn up at the park to see Sean but he is nowhere to be seen. When they return they discover that Amy is missing…

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