Dot makes a shock decision about Jim

Max confronts Phil, asking him awkward questions about Karin. Realising that Jay has spilled the beans to Max, he questions Jay’s loyalty. Later, there’s family business to attend to, as Max goes to the prison with Carol to see Dot. They’re shocked when she insists she can’t go to Jim’s funeral as she feels responsible for his death.

Linda is tired with the family arguing over who will pay Stan’s funeral bill. Taking matters into her own hands, she meets up with Pam and Billy to discuss the options. Trying to build bridges between the family, Linda invites Shirley and Buster for a family meal. Things seem to be going well until Linda is hit with the shock news that the CPS are dropping the rape case and Dean won’t be charged.

Charlie visits Dot in prison, revealing that he’s fallen for Roxy. When Dot shares some home truths with him, he decides to come clean to Ronnie. Finding Ronnie holding Matthew for the first time, he can’t do it to her. Charlie tells Roxy to stay away from Ronnie, revealing he’s going to take Ronnie and Matthew away from Walford.

Also, Tamwar takes over as Market Inspector following Aleks’s departure.