Dot records her tape for Jim

This special episode focuses entirely on Dot as she records a tape for Jim… Dot puts out the milk bottles. It’s dark outside and she goes back inside the house, feeling alone. Dot realises that it’s time she recorded her message for Jim and she prepares a tray of tea. Dot turns on the tape recorder and tells Jim that everyone is missing him and she’s praying for him.

Dot tells Jim that it is difficult for her to express her feelings. She explains that she wasn’t loved as a child or by her husband Charlie. Dot tells Jim that he made her feel loved and happy. The only other time she felt secure was when she was evacuated to Wales during the war and she was looked after by her kindly Uncle and Aunt.

Dot explains that life has taken away everything and everyone she ever cared about and she dreads Jim coming back to the house and her struggling to cope. Dot says that she can’t look after him and she will have to be on her own again. Dot finally turns off the tape, puts away Jim’s cup and saucer, and switches off the light…

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