*First Episode*

The day of Nick’s funeral, Sharon and Fatboy worry that no one will turn up, but a few of the locals arrive to support Dot. At the service, Ian panics when his speech goes missing, but it eventually turns up. Reading the eulogy, Ian’s words give comfort to Dot. It’s after the funeral that things go awry. At the wake Dot realises how everyone really felt about Nick and Dot is angry with her friends for ruining Nick’s day.

Phil is insistent he’s no interest in going to Nick’s funeral, but Sharon manages to talk him round. In the end, Sharon is delayed going to the funeral when a delivery turns up for the bar. Heading to the crematorium alone, Phil notices Shirley is also on her own and he goes over to offer her some comfort.

Johnny is furious when it’s clear Linda is still on edge about his sexuality, when she mistakes his friendliness with a customer for flirting and makes her true feelings known. Also, Cora and Patrick fall out when Cora upsets Dot over Nick, while Masood tries to reassure Jane that they can be friends, although it’s clear he’d like something more.