Dot can’t believe it when she sees her supposedly late son sitting at her kitchen table! Telling Nick to explain himself, Dot listens as Nick claims the whole thing was Charlie’s idea, explaining that he was on the run from a robbery, when Charlie offered to fake a funeral for a cut of the loot. More revelations come out when Nick reveals that Charlie isn’t even a copper.

Charlie arrives with Yvonne and is confronted by Dot, who worries that he’s more like his father than she thought. Working hard to convince Dot that he’s nothing like Nick, Charlie insists he wants to make a new life for himself with her and Ronnie in Walford. Dot tells Nick that he needs to stay ‘dead’, as she doesn’t want Charlie abandoning his unborn son like Nick and his father did.

Lauren and Abi fight, with Abi viciously pushing Lauren’s head into the apple-bobbing bucket. Realising she’s gone too far, Abi gets upset. When Max and Emma arrive home, Lauren reveals that she’s being followed by a car again, admitting she’s scared it could be Lucy’s killer. Alone, Emma calls Bryant, warning him to stop following Max’s kids, as it won’t make her go running back to him.