Jim experiences in the dodgy club haven’t put him in the best of moods and he insists that Anya and the baby leave immediately. Dot coaxes Anya to admit that she’s in the country illegally and is on the run from immigration.

Jim is outraged when Dot insists that they hide Anya and Tomas and he tells her that Anya was a prostitute. Dot won’t be swayed, despite Jim’s opposition, and she’s determined to help out Anya.

Meanwhile, an angry Jim heads off to the phone box and calls the police, telling them that Anya is an illegal immigrant.

Also, Garry sits with the bride in the register office and it’s soon clear that she’s his mum, Hazel! Garry is shocked when Hazel suddenly announces she can’t go through with it and she asks him to take her home. Garry is confronted by Hazel’s irate fiancé, Gerald, who thinks that Garry is Hazel’s toyboy and takes a swing at him.

Hazel is dejected when Garry won’t let her stay with him, but a guilty Garry eventually agrees and makes her promise it will just be for one night.

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