Dot’s Easter ‘miracle’

Dot is still feeling lost and hopeless and a worried Jim insists on taking her out into Kent for the day. When the couple stop in a village where an old friend Margot once lived, Dot pays a visit to Margot’s vicar son Douglas, and is shocked to discover that he’s given up the church.

Dot wants a miracle to confirm her faith and is stunned when she discovers a tiny baby left at the back of the church, with a note asking for the baby to be given asylum. Dot remembers seeing a worried looking woman running away from the church and worries for the baby. She convinces a shocked Jim to leave a note with their address for the mother, if she ever returns, and takes the baby, Tomas, back to Walford

Also, Bradley volunteers to babysit Janet when Dot goes out for the day with Jim, but he realises that he doesn’t have much experience with babies. Janet wakes up crying and a panicky Bradley feeds Janet some chocolate in a bid to keep her quiet. Surprisingly, his tactic seems to work and Janet goes back to sleep!

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