Dot’s emotions are frayed

Dot is struggling to look after Jim and Marta turns up late. Edward keeps phoning, but she ignores him and is intent on going out to the Mini Mart, but notices that some money is missing from her purse. Dot sacks Marta assuming that she’s stolen it. Carol arrives soon after, concerned that Dot needs help, but she insists she can cope and asks Carol to leave.

Dot heads to the launderette and Max tries to help when he sees her struggling, but she refuses his help. At the Mini Mart, Patrick banters with Dot, but she’s uninterested. She spots Edward and tries to avoid him, but he insists they talk in the Vic. He apologises to Dot in the Vic, but she becomes agitated, and Alfie takes her to the back of the pub to calm down. Dot makes her way to Jack’s and tells him to look after Ronnie and keep to his wedding vows.

At home, a shaken Dot becomes distraught as Jim calls for her. Max and Carol arrive to find Dot hunched over Jim’s bed, and she finally confesses to them that she can’t cope and feels like a bad woman. Carol assures her that her family are there to help.

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