Dot confides in Heather that she’s including Dotty in her will to make sure she’s cared for. Heather organises an Easter egg hunt for the kids at Dot’s. Liam and Dotty get into a fight and Liam claims that Dotty attacked him for taking her mobile, but Dot insists that Dotty doesn’t have a phone. Meanwhile, Dotty has discovered Dot’s new will and she later calls Nick and tells him she’s found something useful…

Roxy finds out that Danielle’s funeral is the next day and rushes to tell Ronnie, but Ronnie feigns disinterest. Ronnie is shaken when she finds a framed picture of Danielle holding Amy that’s addressed to Amy from Danielle and tells Roxy that she’s leaving Walford for a bit to clear her head.

Tanya encourages Peter to visit Lauren but she’s concerned when he is evasive. Tanya confronts Max and tells him that he’s scared Peter off and he needs to apologise to him. Max talks to Peter and gives him his blessing to be with Lauren. Peter visits Lauren and tells her that he loves her.

Phil is angry when Roxy tells him that Peggy instructed her not to let him back into the Vic; Lauren worries when Abi suggests Tanya and Max may get back together.