Double date, double disaster

As Howard books Il Verona for dinner with Annie that evening, Emma tells Niamh about testing Adam – he’s booked a table at Tamaris, so she’s also booked Il Verona as she wants to see if he stands his ground or lets her get her own way. As Howard arrives at Il Verona, he’s put out when Annie jokes about eyeing up the talent. Then, Emma and Adam enter bickering – he would rather be at Tamaris! When she spots Howard and tries to leave, Adam suggests they sit together.

When the conversation turns to relationships at work, Emma and Howard are forced to admit their past, which confuses Adam – he thought Emma had married young and her husband had only recently died? Emma admits to her open marriage leaving Annie shocked and Adam worried they’re in an open relationship. When Howard says he knew Sam was fine about it, Annie’s horrified – especially when Howard mentions that Sam was at home, disabled and bed-ridden…

Emma swiftly changes the subject but, while Annie and Adam talk, Emma and Howard drink and try to big each other up to their respective dates, who are not impressed. As they order dessert, Annie says she has an early start and gets up to leave; Adam says the same and suggests they share a taxi. With unconvincing apologies they make a sharp exit together, leaving a relieved but annoyed Howard and Emma to eat their desserts together. Awkward!

Also, Mandy takes a chance at romance when she helps a young woman, unaware that everything is not as it seems.