Double disaster!

Jordan and Charlie are proud as new parents when the newly renovated emergency department opens this week. They were devastated when Holby City’s old ED burnt to the ground last month (pictured).

Little do they know, however, that they’re about to be dragged into an even bigger disaster!

Opening day starts off quietly enough, with the hospital open for minor cases only. Sam and Dylan are the butt of department jokes, following the revelation they’re husband and wife, albeit now separated.

But news of a major pile-up on a nearby dual carriageway starts to filter through, Charlie and Jordan are forced to open their doors to more serious emergency cases. Soon crash victims and their families are pouring in.

Sam heads down to the crash site and puts herself in danger by rescuing a man who’s trapped in a smashed-up car that’s leaking petrol.

But then the danger escalates tenfold when a gas pipe explodes at the nearby Silverton estate! Sam races to the scene of the terrifying inferno and soon realises that the area is also engulfed by poisonous fumes.

She manages to get out alive, but only just.