Kerry and Daz are nursing hangovers after their night out and Dan is not impressed. When Dan admits that he thinks Daz likes Kerry, Bob tries to reassure him that Kerry only has eyes for Dan. But as Daz enjoys spending more time with Kerry, is Dan right to be worried? Later, when Daz reveals Sean wants to join the army, just like his uncle it’s another kick in the teeth for Dan…

David’s worried about Priya following Jai’s warning about Rakesh, so he tries to find out more about Jai’s former business adversary. Although David’s convinced himself that Priya wouldn’t take Amba away from the village, Jai reckons he’s underestimating Rakesh. David wants evidence from Jai before he agrees to help keep Priya and Rakesh apart. Will Jai be able to convince David that Rakesh is a bad egg?

Chas is in shock after Adam tried to kiss her to get back at James, and when Cain sees an exchange between them he guesses something has happened and is determined to find out what’s been going on. What will Cain do when he finds out?