Double wedding day trouble (VIDEO)

It’s still Katie and Declan’s wedding, but their beautiful day turns ugly when Megan marches into the church as Katie and Declan are about to say “I do”. And it’s not Megan’s hat that turns people’s heads (although it is eye-catching, looking like something that has landed on her head from another planet) – it’s her anger. Megan has seen how Declan’s ripped her off and now she wants to strangle him with Katie’s veil. She’d never get away with it, though, with all those witnesses. So, instead, Megan swears she will get her revenge… Does that include stopping Katie and Declan’s wedding?

After Katie and Declan leave the church it’s Chas’s turn at the altar, with Dan. Chas is very nervous – and so she should be! She’s told Carl she’s going to run away with him but, really, she plans to marry Dan and run off with him! But what if Carl turns up at the church? Oh, the villagers would love that show! But it’s actually another show that they get… Two shifts as a bridesmaid have proved too much for Gennie and she goes into labour – in the church, in the middle of Chas’s wedding ceremony! Will there be a pregnant pause in the nuptials?

Cameron’s not at the church. He should be with Debbie, who’s also gone into labour. But Cameron’s watching Jimmy and Carl tear lumps out of each other…