Doug and Leanne are outraged when they get to the deli and there’s no electricity – all the food is ruined and a health inspector is arriving that afternoon. John Paul offers his services and together they get the deli back in shape just in time. There’s an increasing amount of chemistry between the pair.

Will gives Texas a brooch of his mothers, but it soon becomes clear that it’s a secret camera. Will creepily watches Texas via his spy cam, determined to catch her in the act with Dodger. He’s busted when Ash spots what’s on his laptop and urges him to stop spying on Tex.

Elsewhere, Texas runs into Dodger and he spills curry all over her and her brooch. She hangs her coat outside the boat to dry with the camera attached and Will can only assume the worst. It seems all is not lost when he sees someone dumping a body in the river – it’s Kevin!

At the hospital, the sonographer confirms all’s fine, but Sinead pleads for help – she doesn’t want the baby. Sinead shocks Cindy with her confession that she’s booked an abortion.