Doug confronts his drinker daughter

Laurel’s gone AWOL and Doug is desperately worried. And it seems her father was right to be concerned. Having heard she’s now banned from seeing the kids, the alcoholic mum tears up to the school, brings April and Arthur home where she proceeds to barricade them in the house with her! It takes Doug to get through to Laurel – but can he persuade his daughter to get the help she needs?

Feeling guilty about Tracy, Bernice wants to make amends and asks Jimmy to give her her job back. But little does she realise, that Tracy has already been reemployed back at the B&B! Uh oh. Is the feud about to kick off again?

Having fooled people into believing she was mugged, Emma is loving being the centre of attention and is lapping up James’s concern. But her scam to keep her ex close and away from Chas derails when she hears the pair are planning a mini-break! Furious, she can’t help herself from making sure it doesn’t happen and secretly cuts up Chas’s passport!