Doug is drawn into Nene’s scheme

Eager to guarantee her job, Nene manufactures a crisis with Doug, and Karl can’t help but be impressed by her competence. Finding them together, Susan confronts Karl with his blind spot: vulnerable women flattering him to win his favour. On Susan’s urging, Karl challenges Nene but he’s wrong-footed when Doug calls her ‘Pam’. He backtracks, unaware that Nene is the source of Doug’s confusion.

Mediation day is here and Philippa quickly starts highlighting Steph’s failures and tearing apart Sonya’s character reference. But things get even worse when Philippa calls on her next witness – Lucas Fitzgerald. All looks lost, until Lucas surprises everyone by speaking in support of Steph’s claim and he urges compromise. The plea resonates with Philippa and she agrees Steph will be allowed a relationship with Charlie.

Amy finds the card Georgia sent Kyle for his birthday and, when she discovers that Georgia wants him back, she wrestles with whether tell him. When Amy has a chance to come clean, she weighs up what she has to lose, and gets rid of the letter.