Lauren gets the house ready for Doug’s arrival, but tensions flare and Doug storms off, wanting to see Terese. They have a heart to heart, and Doug admits that, while he loves seeing his family, he hates the fact he to live with a stranger (Lauren). Terese reminds Doug of how much love there is for him in Ramsay Street, and convinces him to give things a chance.

Upon finding out that Lyn has brought Charlie without Max’s say so, Toadie insists there is no contact, otherwise Steph could be jeopardising her chances of gaining custody. Steph’s heartbroken and Lyn’s apologetic, knowing she’s badly miscalculated the situation. Later, Steph’s startled to open the door and find Charlie standing there.

Amy’s depressed after seeing the situation Steph is in and Xanthe offers to cheer her up with a makeover – wanting a distraction from missing her mum. Kyle’s taken aback when he sees a bronzed and blinged up Amy and tells her he likes her just the way she is.