Doug just can’t take any more worry about Laurel. Unable to bear the weight of his daughter’s secret drinking habit any longer, he confides in Diane. The pair are on edge at Jimmy and Nicola’s leaving do in the pub as Laurel’s there, but she doesn’t touch a drop. But Doug’s not convinced by the act, and later, Laurel’s resolve is tested again when she spies a bottle of vodka…

Still sickened by her son’s assault, Chrissie makes a full apology to Alicia, adding that she’s made a statement to the police and didn’t mention David’s kidnap. Lawrence is still on Lachlan’s side and is not impressed by his daughter’s actions.

Pearl’s in trouble when Sandy tells Paddy about her stealing, and Vanessa finds the gambling OAP’s IOU book. It’s a huge betrayal on Pearl’s part, but Rhona wants Paddy to give her a chance to explain herself.