Doug’s put on the spot!

Unaware of the danger she could be in, Ruby stands sexily at the side of the road trying to hitch a lift. She’s pleased when Riley and Doug slow down and she introduces herself as Alicia before tagging along on their lads’ night.

In Chez Chez, Ruby keeps up the pretence but when the lads laugh at her being unable to read the drinks menu, she storms out. Doug makes chase and the couple end up back at his. However, Ruby drinks far too much and passes out just as Doug finds out who she really is…

Mitzeee is determined to have a girls’ night out and ropes Carmel into joining her. When Mitzeee finds out Carmel is a practicing nun she makes it her mission to corrupt her!

Also, Lee is worried that Leanne is up to something when she seems fine about him and Amy, and Nancy worries when Darren and Duncan can’t find Ruby.

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