Matt Damon’s well-meaning chump wants to spice up his dull life while doing his bit to save the planet.

So he and his wife (Kristen Wiig) sign up for a futuristic medical procedure designed to shrink them to five inches in height – great for their carbon footprint.

What’s more, their equity will go a long way in this new Lilliputian world where a diamond bracelet only costs $83.

Inevitably, though, the reality doesn’t quite meet expectations. And it isn’t long before Damon discovers that the downsized world also has its haves and have-nots, personified by two new acquaintances – Christoph Waltz’s gleefully shifty Serbian entrepreneur and Hong Chau’s resourceful one-legged Vietnamese refugee.

Director Alexander Payne’s satirical sci-fi comedy has plenty of big ideas, but the plot is too baggy to make them fully count.