Downton becomes a convalescent home

Downton finally becomes a convalescent home, which has a stark impact on the lives of its inhabitants. When Isobel and Cora fail to see eye to eye, O’Brien tells Cora that Thomas could be a good ally for her. As the first group of wounded officers arrives, Mrs Hughes is unimpressed when Ethel’s eye is caught by a young officer, Major Bryant.

Violet is convinced that Mary still loves Matthew and her plan to put an end to his engagement is given a boost as she and Rosamund realise that Lavinia is hiding a secret concerning her connection with Sir Richard Carlisle.

Elsewhere, with the help of Lady Mary, Anna finally tracks down Bates who is working in a pub and even though he refuses her pleas to return to Downton, he tells her he will soon be free of Vera for good.

While William has a question for Daisy before he goes to war, Branson’s plan to be a conscientious objector is thwarted when he is discharged from active service, so he plots to disrupt a dinner that Robert is holding for Matthew’s General, Sir Herbert Strutt.

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