Mary and Rosamund work hard to reunite Edith and Bertie and the couple get engaged once more. As he takes her to meet his moralistic mother Mrs Pelham at Brancaster Castle, Edith decides she has to tell her the truth about Marigold and after an initial shock, her future mother-in-law accepts her and the couple marry. As everyone gathers to celebrate the wedding on New Year’s Eve, Lady Rose, Atticus and Shrimpy return, while Anna goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy.

Henry feels at a loose end and decides to set up a car sales business with Branson and he is delighted when Mary reveals that she is pregnant. Meanwhile Robert is concerned about how much time Cora spends at the hospital but when he sees the good work she does he is proud. Lord Merton believes he is dying of pernicious anaemia and Isobel is reconciled with him but Dr Clarkson later gives them a much more positive diagnosis.

Thomas says a sad goodbye and starts a new job but he is less than satisfied with his rather boring post, so when Carson is troubled by tremors in his hand and fears for his future at the Abbey, he is given the chance to take a step back and Thomas happily returns as butler. Elsewhere, Andy takes a shine to Daisy and his feelings are gradually reciprocated, while Mrs Patmore grows closer to Mr Mason.