Dr S’Avage turns detective

Sienna sets Dr S’Avage straight about their friendship, but offers to help him clean out Mariam’s house. At the house, Dr S’Avage finds a bracelet with a ‘C’ on and also notices the expensive painting is missing. Meanwhile, Celine goes on a date with Cameron and they kiss.

Afterwards, at the hospital, Celine realises her bracelet is gone and the penny drops for Dr S’Avage that Celine is behind the missing painting. He tells her she’s got 24 hours to return it – before he calls the police!

Sinead is convinced that John Paul wants Ste back, so she rings Ste, pretending something is wrong with the baby to get his attention. When Ste wants to ring an ambulance, she’s forced to admit she made it up. Ste is enraged but he later softens, telling her he loves her… as a friend. Later, as Sinead sobs to Scott, Ste overhears that she’s in love with him…

Also, no one apart from John Paul believes Porsche, so she admits defeat and lies that she did lead Pete on. Meanwhile, Pete gets closer to Cleo and manipulates her into breaking up with Harry.