As Dan furiously confronts Amanda about her affair with Drew, Drew steps in to protect her by telling Dan he loves her. Amanda tells Dan she doesn’t feel the same way about Drew, but Dan rants at Amanda and calls her a disgrace – she’s devastated. Later, Leah feels sorry for lovelorn Drew but Dan tells him to stay home and not go anywhere near Amanda, leaving Drew frustrated. Elsewhere, Amanda later seeks Dan’s reassurance that he won’t say anything to Belle.

Irene calls Amanda to come over and comfort a hungover Belle but Amanda is riddled with guilt when Belle sobs about how much she misses Drew, and later breaks down at home. Meanwhile, Dan advises Drew to move on with his life, but unknown to him, someone is looking at pictures of Drew on a home computer screen…

Matilda’s shocked when Robbie reveals that his maximum sentence could be 15 years in jail and tries to hold back the tears. Ric supports her as she breaks down and tries to cheer her up by suggesting they go to a friend’s engagement party together.

Also, Tasha gets a letter from Josie in the US, who says she has an interesting job offer.