After Tony’s heroic rescue attempt, Jazz escapes the fire with minor injuries. With the house a complete write-off, the police now suspect foul play. Drew and Belle are mortified by the results of their prank, and worry what will happen to them if they’re found out. Later, Drew feels worse when Jazz apologises for being such a bad mum. The insurance company refuses to pay up, prompting Drew to come clean about the prank.

Drew agrees to use his inheritance money to compensate Amanda for the damage to the house. All too aware of the negative affect Jazz has on his life, Drew offers her the rest of the cash if she agrees to leave him in peace. Jazz takes the money and leaves the Bay for good.

Ric worries about leaving the Bay when Matilda tells him she’s received a letter of interest from a university in Perth. They try to resolve the issue but are interrupted by Tam whose bad behaviour is getting on everyone’s nerves at Summer Bay House.

Colleen eventually tells Brad about Tam’s exploits, prompting him to have it out with the troubled teen. Feeling totally unwanted, Tam takes off on Matilda’s motor scooter, leaving everyone shocked and worried.

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