Drew covers for Jules

A shaken and injured Jules limps home, leaving Alex’s ruined motorbike behind. Meanwhile, Jack tells a stunned Drew about the missing bike and Drew realises Jules is the likely thief. Later, Drew confronts Jules, but is concerned by the extent of his injuries. Jules refuses to go to hospital and Drew is forced to cover for his friend when Jack and Constable Hanna turn up, asking questions about Alex’s bike. Drew is furious that he’s been forced into lying, and Jules realises his friendship with Drew is in serious strife.

Alex worries when he learns his motorbike has been found but the damage is extensive. Cassie tries to calm him down when he confides his money worries to her, and Cassie begins to hope for something more between them.

Belle realises that Jules has stolen the bike and urges Drew to stop protecting his mate. Drew reluctantly admits she’s right and ends up telling Dan and Leah the truth about the theft, leaving Jules furious.

Sally is concerned that Brad is taking the Education Department’s investigation into his handling of the Naomi Preston affair too lightly. Brad reassures her, but gets into trouble with the Department’s representative, Dr Lang, and is suspended from his position as school principal, pending further investigation.

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