Guilty Amanda pulls away from Drew’s kiss, and runs off, shocked by what she’s done. At home, she bumps into Belle who wants to know what’s wrong. The next morning Belle meets Drew at the beach and comments on Amanda’s weird behaviour. Also, feeling guilty, Drew makes his excuses and takes off, leaving Belle feeling increasingly curious… Later Amanda confides in a stunned Macca about her attraction for Drew, telling him she can’t help how she feels. Macca wonders if Drew is worth losing Belle over?

Belle confronts Drew about his weird behaviour, but he denies anything’s wrong. However, as they walk down the road, Drew spots a car following them but it speeds away and a shaken Drew and Belle race to tells Leah and Dan what happened. Dan calls the cops, and it’s decided Drew shouldn’t go anywhere alone. However, when Drew gets a text from Amanda asking him to meet her at the lookout, he heads out by himself. Amanda informs Drew they can’t pursue their mutual attraction because of Belle, before a car pulls up, and Drew is pulled inside by a couple of thugs! Amanda tries to help him, but the car speeds away.

Also, after almost splitting up, Kim and Rachel compromise on having children and decide to make a go of their relationship.