After being rushed to hospital with mild concussion, Peter comes round and confides in Amanda that he’s hurt to have upset Drew so much. Amanda tells him she’ll understand if their relationship has to end, but Peter says he doesn’t want to lose either of them although, given the choice, he’d choose Amanda every time. But unfortunately, Drew is standing in the doorway having heard everything, and he storms out of the room, leaving Peter kicking himself.

Drew arrives at the school dance, and copes with his stress by secretly swigging from a bottle of alcohol, getting more tipsy as the night goes on. Taking no notice of Belle’s warnings, Drew later stumbles into the car park. There, he spots some car keys and drunkenly jumps into the car and drives off, leaving a worried Belle.

Rocco finds Johnny intimidating a gang member – Tom – who wants to quit the gang. Rocco takes Tom aside and proposes they try to leave Johnny’s gang together. They concoct a plan, and that evening, Tom breaks in to Johnny’s house and steals some incriminating evidence. But as he turns around, he’s shocked to find Johnny standing there.

Later, Rocco is heading to meet Tom when he unexpectedly bumps into Johnny, who tells him Tom has gone away for a while. Rocco feels sick to his stomach.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday March 22*