Drew is riddled with guilt about his feelings for Amanda, and breaks up with a shocked Belle. Later, after discovering Belle heartbroken, Amanda tracks down Drew at the Surf Club. Drew explains he broke up with Belle as he only wants to be with Amanda, who’s flattered and gives in when he leans in for a kiss.

Having heard the news about Macca and Cassie, Matilda offers Ric her support and gives a devastated Cassie the cold shoulder. Later in the Diner, Ric walks in with Matilda, and makes a public scene, leaving Cassie and Macca embarrassed. Things gets even worse for the couple when Alf informs Macca he’s out of a job. Cassie declares she wants to leave the Bay, but relents when Macca insists people will accept their relationship, given time.

Over at the gym, Ric deals with his hurt over Cassie’s betrayal by getting into an argument with Arnie, a fellow gym goer. Ric’s temper reaches boiling point and he ends up punching Arnie, which results in a trip to the police station. He’s let off, but at home, is overcome with rage and hurls objects across the room.

Matilda arrives in time to see Ric’s outburst, but manages to calm him down as he tearfully confesses how much Cassie has hurt him.