Drew says goodbye to Belle

Drew reveals he has returned to the Bay to say a proper goodbye to Belle, admitting he’s been a complete jerk. He isn’t interested in a reconciliation with her, but wants to make peace. They share a final kiss, and Drew walks out of Belle’s life forever.

Shocked by the severity of Sam’s beating, Rachel suggests taking her to hospital. Sam refuses, and spins a story of opening the door to a man she didn’t recognise, who immediately began beating her whilst telling her to forget anything she saw at the hospital.

Jack wants to report the attack, but is stopped by Sam’s convincing show of fear, claiming that the man warned her not to tell the police. But Jack insists and Sam eventually relents, now convinced that nobody could believe she killed Johnny.

But just when Sam is sure she’s in the clear, Rory finds Johnny’s letter in a box of Lucas’s old books. Unaware of what the envelope contains, he leaves it on a table…

Also, when Belle accuses Geoff and Annie of not questioning their religion, they persuade her to come to church with them for Easter.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 30*

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