Horrified by his mum’s deception over the will, Drew shuts Jazz out, refusing to listen to her explanations. Desperate Jazz asks Belle to intervene on her behalf, but Belle refuses, and even calls Amanda to get Jazz evicted. Has Jazz lost everything?

Cassie is stunned to learn Henk has left town without saying goodbye, and decides to follow him to the city. Sally can’t manage to talk Cassie out of it and agrees to drive Cassie there, secretly hoping Henk will end their affair.

Although Henk does try to end things, Cassie won’t take no for an answer and Henk realises he can’t deny his feelings for her any longer. He refuses to return to the Bay, and agrees to let her stay. Sally is stunned by the news, but can’t find the strength to bring Cassie into line.

Sally rushes back to the Bay, hoping to catch Fisher before he leaves, but she’s too late. Things get worse when Ric lays into her for returning without Cassie, and ends up losing his temper, blaming Sally for letting the family fall apart.

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