Colleen returns from her holiday determined to go ahead with the Christmas pageant – but Lucas isn’t too keen to play Joseph, opposite Belle’s Mary, so Drew volunteers for the part, determined to spend as much time with old flame Belle as possible.

Later, Lucas responds to Drew’s probing by revealing his relationship with Belle isn’t serious – but unhappy Belle overhears. The pair talk things over and make up, deciding that they do have a future together after all. But Drew still thinks he’s in with a chance with Belle, and confesses he still has feelings for her and wants them to try again. But he’s crushed and embarrassed when Belle knocks him back.

Rocco takes careful note of the details of the armed robbery, but Johnny gets suspicious by all his questions and refuses to tell him the time of the raid, instead telling him to get more cash from Sally. Rocco heads to the station to give Ash the information about the robbery before heading home to transfer $500 from Sally’s internet bank account.

Later, Rocco heads out and is horrified to spot Ash talking to Johnny. He confronts Ash, telling him he fears Johnny will kill him if he finds out he’s grassed him up, but Ash reassures him he wants Johnny put away. Unfortunately, unknown to both, Johnny is nearby, having heard every word.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday March 30*