Drew turns down a job

Drew isn’t bothered when Dan and Leah tell him they’ve kicked Jazz out of the house. But he’s unhappy at their insistence he gets a job. Belle suggests Drew applies for Kim’s old position at the gym, and Tony sets up an interview for him. After a chat and tour Tony offers Drew the job but he turns it down, much to Tony’s confusion.

Meanwhile, Belle discovers Jazz is the new tenant at Amanda’s and is persuaded to help Jazz celebrate with champagne. Later, Drew is unimpressed to learn that Belle has bonded with his mum. Belle suggests Drew give her another chance, and reluctantly Drew pays Jazz a visit which goes surprisingly well.

But when he returns home, Dan and Leah are none too thrilled that he turned down a job with Tony and insist he get work within a week or return to school.

Alf helps Lucas buy another boat for Tony to make up for the one he sunk. However, the boat has a fault, and Alf suggests Lucas haggle the price down. Geoff passes by as Lucas is cleaning the boat and later, Jack arrives to report that the boat’s owner is accusing Lucas of putting the fault there to get the boat cheaper, and he has an eyewitness – Geoff.

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