Drew wins – but Denni wants a rematch

*One-hour episode*

The drag race between Drew and dodgy Denni gets underway. Denni leads for most of the race, but Drew manages to pull ahead at the last moment and win. Denni blames mechanical failure for his loss, and demands a rematch. Dom discovers that Denni plans to hurt Belle if Drew refuses to race, and tries to warn her, but she won’t listen.

Jazz is shocked to learn Dane’s secretary has mistakenly sent a letter to Drew’s old address, telling him about his inheritance. She manages to intercept the letter in time, but the stress of the situation causes her to lose her temper with Tony, and the pair end their relationship.

As part of Dom’s plan to get together with Belle, he convinces Drew to patch things up with Lisa as the best way to deal with Denni’s threats. Lisa spots Drew on the beach and they reconcile.

Meanwhile, Dom tries to tell Belle how he feels, which makes Belle uncomfortable. As Belle tries to leave, Dom blocks her path. Luckily Lisa arrives and the pair flees together. Later, Drew warns Dom that if he ever goes near Belle again, he’s a dead man.

Elsewhere, Henk gets drunk and Cassie takes advantage of the situation.

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