Drew’s offered an apprenticeship

Ric confides his suspicions about Dom to Drew, who begins to feel a little uneasy when he sees Dom swapping cash for car parts with a mechanic. He confronts Dom who tells Drew that he won’t be getting any more cheap parts if he continues to ask questions. Drew is also unaware that his boss Ray is in on the dodgy racket with Dom. But Drew is thrilled when Ray offers him an apprenticeship.

Following two dates with Jazz, Tony isn’t sure where the relationship’s heading. And Belle and Drew aren’t impressed when they spot Jazz sharing an intimate moment with Dane, a business associate. Drew tells his mum he doesn’t want her two-timing Tony. To please Drew, Jazz goes on a picnic date with Tony, but makes it clear she’s not looking for a serious relationship.

Brad is busy organising his and Sally’s big wedding bash, sending out invitations and hiring a marquee. Sally, meanwhile, is worried they’re rushing things, but hides her concerns, convincing herself she just needs more time to get used to the idea of committing to another man after Flynn.

Also, Drew and Ric accompany Dom to a drag race, but are busted when the cops show up.

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