Drive time for Downton

The family and some of the servants travel to Brooklands motor racing circuit to watch Henry take part in a race. But things go tragically wrong when a crash occurs and Henry’s friend and fellow driver Charlie is killed. Mary later tells a devastated Henry that she can’t be in a relationship with him.

Bertie proposes to Edith and she is delighted, but she tells him she will have to think about her decision and asks if she could keep Marigold if they did get married.

Violet is still angry that Cora is the hospital president so she goes on holiday to France to calm down, but not before sending Robert a new puppy as a present.

Elsewhere, as Daisy sits her exams, Molesley also passes his own test and is offered a position as a schoolteacher, Carson reiterates that Thomas should find a new job, while Andy confesses to the other staff that he can’t read, Mrs Hughes tells Carson that she has hurt her hand so he has to do the cooking and Mrs Patmore opens up her B&B, but someone is following her…