Driver and Rob team up

Rob comes into work and Driver tells him she’s got the go-ahead for their CID job. Driver shows Rob her findings about an elusive Moldovan figure working in Birmingham procuring children for illegal adoptions and Rob wants in on the case. But Karen is snappy with Rob when he gets home from work, and he doesn’t tell her his good news.

Valerie invites herself along to a romantic dinner with Jas and Aran. Just as Jas is persuading Aran to keep their romance a secret from their parents, Valerie reveals that Jas’s Mum rang and how delighted she was to hear that Valerie was going out for dinner with Jas and Aran. Jas has her head in her hands. She checks her phone to find her Mum has left a message; she’s coming to see her tomorrow.

Also, Mrs Tembe is concerned that Jimmi is overloading himself with work when she catches him sleeping at his desk. And Kevin helps a patient traumatised by a compulsion to tattoo Letherbridge landmarks all over his body.