With Rob and Driver by his side, Howard briefs the staff about the police operation to catch Jas’s stalker – they’ll arrest Gus Harper when he arrives for his appointment using the name ‘Steve Grahams’. Everyone finds the whole thing slightly amusing until Rob reminds them all that Gus could be dangerous. When Karen starts panicking about her personal safety, Rob reassures her and reminds her to try and act normal. 

Al calls Karen to find out what’s happening, he’s spending the time he’s suspended digging further into Gus Harper – it’s all he can do. As the appointment time gets closer, Jas finds more ways to displace her nervous energy. Finally, Karen takes a phone call – Steve Grahams wants to cancel his appointment. Knowing the call is being traced, Karen tries to keep him talking but he rings off before they succeed.

Rob’s forced to tell a nervous Jas the operation’s off but, as Driver leaves The Mill, she spots someone lurking in the bushes. As she approaches, she sees it’s Howard, who tries to explain he was watching an exit route, which she didn’t have covered – no one could see him. Driver’s furious that she did and so might Gus – he’s potentially jeopardised the whole operation!

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe asks Chris how his fundraising plans are going for the Youth Club and realises he’s already giving up. She offers some advice and shares her past experience of fundraising with the Church – but she’s not expecting Chris to recruit her fully into the fundraising cause, as he announces that together they can do it!

Also, Emma is alarmed when a patient unexpectedly has a bad reaction to medication she has prescribed – but is everything as it seems?