Driver’s conflicted when she visits Ola

Driver goes to visit Ola. While she’s really happy for her and Sofia, she can’t quite bring herself to hold the baby, makes her excuses and leaves. Later, Rob asks her how the interrogation went – she tells him Andrei squealed like a pig.

Rob says he’ll drop in on Ola, but Driver tells him no need, she already has. Rob tries to broach the idea of Driver adopting, but she shuts him down. He leaves the adoption leaflets from the investigation with her and, alone in her car, she dials the number on the form.

Arriving at The Mill, Kevin is annoyed to find Nadia waiting for him. He blanks her and walks into the surgery, but is annoyed she’s still waiting as he looks out of his blinds.

A patient asks Kevin to open the blinds and, furious to see Nadia still waiting, he goes out to Nadia and yells at her to leave him alone. Later, Kevin tells Jas that Nadia is his step-sister. Jas tries to convince her to leave, but can’t help liking her. Jas agrees to take Nadia’s card and she leaves. During drinks that evening, Jas slips the card into Kevin’s bag.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is talking to Howard about Valerie’s fall yesterday – she’s filled out the forms, and is sure everything will be fine. But just to make sure, she’s put up more health and safety notices. When she throws away Heston’s lunch as the temperature in the fridge was too high, he loses it. But Howard agrees with Mrs Tembe.

Also, an admirer invites Valerie out to lunch – but are his intentions honourable?